Veg Pledge:
5 Days of Clean Eating

We’re getting plant strong!

Wanna join the likes of Van Gogh, Einstein, da Vinci and Gandhi?

Come join me in for a 5 day Veg Pledge! This challenge is a 5-day experience where you will infuse your body with nutrient dense plant foods along side a warm and supportive community of friends from around the globe! It’s five days of veggies, fruits, grains, beans, nuts, seeds and love!

You can choose how plant strong you want your 5 days to be. Go total veggie and refrain from eating meat, fish, dairy (and cheese). Or lovingly lean in starting with one meal per day and then two. It’s all up to you and what feels best in your life + body.

I believe we can heal from the inside out.
I believe food can provide dramatic shifts.

Here’s the real truth… the WHY I’m doing this Veg Pledge. After a really heavy week of loved ones struggling with health related issues I decided to devote a week to helping people to infuse nutrient dense foods into their bodies! Veg Pledge is my way of doing something to help. I’d love it if you’d join me or purchase the pledge for a loved one who’s in the midst of a health issue. You are always welcome to buy the pledge now and save the emails, recipes and shopping list for when you’re ready.

It’s a whole foods feast!

The feedback from the first course has been amazing! Read what some of the previous participants are saying:

This has been a wonderful and revealing week. I have loved the simplicity of the pledge, the recipes and ingredients. The quinoa, white beans and tomatoes were stirred into baby kale and that will be a new lunch staple. I have loved the whole health approach to the week and I’m grateful for the emotional issues that surfaced and will now get noticed and appreciated instead of ignored. – Laura

I ended my Pledge last night at the local Greek restaurant with saganaki (fried feta cheese – I know, I know). BUT: 1.) I only had 3 bites, 2.) I CHEWED about 20-25 times, and 3.) I decided I didn’t want anymore. WHA??? I mean, what is this vegan voo-doo??? Oh wait, I think Lacy calls it “mindfulness”. Loving this exploration!!! – Lisa

What a week! I love you Lacy for setting this up for us and making it an affordable way to learn new recipes, connect with other veg-minded peeps, and to take time to reflect and spend time on ourselves. I’m having much awareness of how I feel while eating such healthy food. My mind has gone a bit towards eating something unhealthy such as the leftover bag of Halloween candy sitting on my kitchen table. So far, not one sneak of anything. Feels good to stare at it while I walk by it and not partake. – Barb

Since August I have cut out sugar, wine and most bread. With the help from Lacy I have lost 22lbs but more than that I want this lifestyle to go long into the future. Why? because I feel amazing! – Wendy

My intention this week is to explore new recipes with the intention of diving deeper into eating a plant-based, whole foods diet. There is more time, thought and effort required, but having a bunch of healthy, yummy recipes at my fingertips makes it less daunting. My sister helped me make my Green Zen smoothie, my mushroom pizza for lunch and I already have dinner planned. Even crazier, I only spent $14 to make 4 meals! – Kristina



You are passionate about cancer prevention.
You are a meat + potatoes kind of person and you can’t image a week without meat but you’re willing to try! Adventure could be your middle name!
You are a vegetarian or vegan + you’re looking to expand your current menu and cut out any veggie junk foods that have crept into your diet.
You’ve heard there are huge health benefits to cutting out meat + dairy but you have no idea where to begin.
You love meatless Monday + a whole week sounds amazing! Scary, but amazing!
You watched Forks Over Knives, Food Inc, or Hungry For Change and felt deeply moved by what you saw!
You struggle with high cholesterol.
You’ve never been regular and you’re wondering what that would be like.
You are struggling to lose extra lb’s.
You’re feeling all kinds of green + you’ve willing to give a week to save on greenhouse gas emissions.
You just KNOW that this is the right step for you.

Then this is just for you!

5-Day Veg Pledge:


5 day Veg Pledge is an experiment where practical meets thoughtful. Together, over 5 days we will create a powerful foundation for abundant health and compassionate self-care by celebrating small steps and big light bulb moments on the role that food plays in your life!

Online Course:


Veg Pledge will be delivered right into your email inbox daily for 5 days. There will also be a Facebook community filled with others who are participating. It’s a space for sharing + connection throughout the journey! I will be there daily answering your questions and joining in the conversation.

You Receive:


Recipes + a suggested shopping list to help get you ready for the week. Follow it to the letter or use as inspiration for your week.
Daily experiments, to-do’s + inspiration in your inbox each day.
An invitation to the private community space on Facebook.
Oodles of support + encouragement!

This course is $47 and it will SOON be on demand which means you can begin anytime that you’re ready!