Juice, Blend, Repeat:
5 Day Juice + Smoothie Cleanse

Ready to shine from the inside out!

Come join me in Juice, Blend, Repeat. This course is a 5-day detox where you will reset your body and create a powerful foundation for a healthy 2014! It’s 2 days of juice cleansing, followed by 3 days of green smoothies + whole foods! You will be detoxing along side a warm and supportive community of friends from around the globe!

—->You will need access to both a juicer + a blender for this course!<—-

Read what some of the past participants are saying:

…loving the juicing contributions to my health and energy!!!! I just treated myself to a mindful lunch. It’s the first time in years that I have actually sat and stared out the window and watched the clouds and birds while eating!!!! The roasted veggies were amazing with the herbs and nutritional yeast!!!! I’ve decided that eating and multi-tasking is for the birds!!! – Tish

This week post cleanse I feel this vibrancy that I can’t explain. I feel like I let a LOT of things go (not really in my mind, but in my body). I am eating with soooo much more awareness and kindness to my body. I feel like things are shifting in such a big, profound way. – Grace

…still haven’t had any cravings for anything sweet, a huge bonus! I’m feeling really good! I’m feeling really energetic and I have to admit that I did love the cantaloupe/strawberry juice but even more amazing is that I’m actually liking the green juice! I am drinking (green juice) ALL the time but somehow it’s what I’m craving….not food in the least, but mugs of warm lemon water and the peppermint tea. – Brenda

LOVE the green smoothie recipe with the pear, cacao nibs, and almond butter! So yummy! It just might be my new go-to breakfast smoothie. Also, We’ve already made the veggie soup multiple times. Delicious! Feeling GREAT, clearer skin, more energy, and down 6 lbs (bonus!) Planning to continue with a more veg-centric diet onward. VERY minimal meat (maybe 1x/week), no dairy, and definitely keeping the smoothies around long-term. Thanks Lacy! – Megan


You would like to jumpstart weight-loss.
Your body, mind and spirit is craving a reset after all the holiday eating.
You’d like to get more fruits and veggies into your diet.
You love juice + smoothies or are curious what the fuss is all about!
You’re tired of dieting and would like to take steps towards long-lasting lifestyle changes.
You’d like to naturally lower your high cholesterol and/ or high blood pressure.
You know eliminating toxins is a good thing but you’re not exactly sure how to go about it.
You’d like to feel more energetic, less creaking in your body and experience more restful sleep.
You just KNOW that it’s time to change and this detox is resonating with you!

Then this is just for you!

5-Day Detox:

Juice, Blend, Repeat is a balance of hard core meets totally doable! You will be drinking nothing but juice for two days followed by three days of green smoothies for breakfast, a light whole foods lunch and a smoothie or light whole foods for dinner. Together over 5 days we will create a powerful foundation for abundant health and compassionate self-care. Watch as cravings leave + new illuminations arrive! In 5 days time you will be delighted by how much you discover about yourself and your beautiful body. If you are what you eat get ready to be vibrant and infused with goodness!

Online Course:

Juice, Blend, Repeat will be delivered right into your email inbox daily for 5 days. You will receive a full shopping list and detox schedule the week prior to our start date. There will also be a Facebook community filled with others who are participating. It’s a space for sharing + connection throughout the journey (we do LOTS of great talking as well as Q+A over there)!

You Receive:

Full grocery list + detox schedule the week prior to our start date.
Troubleshooting guide for how to safely (and sanely) ease in and out of detox.
Daily to-do’s.
Writing/ journal assignments to reflect, explore + aid in the detox.
Loads of inspiration to your inbox each day.
Recipes! Juice combos, smoothie recipes and easy to make, delicious whole foods recipes.
An invitation to the private community space on Facebook.
Oodles of support + encouragement!

This course is $47 and is on demand which means you can begin anytime that you’re ready!